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Let's discuss about meditation


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  • davidpetitjean
    Hi And in my room I don’t really know if I do mediation lying down or sitting up Thanks Abigail
  • famahd71
    Hello. Iam really cinfused too
  • Donaven Smith
  • Andres Losada
    Good morning, now I make the Basic 2 for meditation and the 20 min are “long” and each time I have mani physical sensation ! The ear hashing, pain in the back, in the knee... is normal, can I do something to improve?
  • Alicia M
    Does anyone experience a kind of 'pain' on the chest when doing the meditation lying down? Is it normal?
  • Jesse Hobart
    No feeling pain in your chest when lying down is not normal. Does it feel like someone is standing on your chest? Do you have any pain radiating down one arm? If you said yes to either of these questions I would suggest you see a doctor immediately as they can be signs that your heart is struggling to do its job. It’s probably nothing but better safe than sorry. Don’t think that when something is going wrong inside you that you are just magically going to be able to tell because it’s serious. It’s just like anything else, it could be something, we can tell, but we’ll try to talk ourselves out of it, saying if it was really serious we would know, there wouldn’t be any doubt. THERE IS ALWAYS DOUBT, if you even suspect that something is wrong, go to a hospital and ask a professional about it!

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